skype yourself               SKINNY

"Weighed myself today and I am down to 106 pounds from 115 pound, not too long ago.  Your encouragement and guidance has made all the difference, especially after 2 kids!  Wooohhhoo!"
-Romy reached her goals after just 2 months of Skype training!
"Carly pushes me. Hard. It hurts. I love it! Every day is different. I don’t think we’ve done the same abdominal exercises once… she knows 1001 ways to make my abs scream. She combines regular exercises with balance to use our time more effectively. She keeps me moving from one routine to the next to keep my heart rate up and my endurance strong."
"Every workout is a great workout with Carly! After working out with her, I dread sitting at my desk in front of the computer all day. I want to be moving!!!  When my body aches and I try to lift my arms up above shoulder height or sit up from my chair, Carly’s name comes to mind!  I Love that!"

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