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​​I began training with Carly 3 years ago to cross train for a winter squash league. Playing competitive squash 4-5 days per week was taking a toll on my body (52 yrs old) and resulted in numerous injuries. She designed a tough, strenuous, core training program that constantly challenged me physically and psychologically. Over a period of a few months, I built up my core strength and more importantly was injury free. Every exercise we did involved multiple muscles as well as core. Carly is very good in determining how much you want to be pushed and then pushes you just a little more. This is something that you cannot do on your own. I only intended to train with her for a f​ew months but felt great and saw such tremendous results that I have been training with her ever since. I highly recommend Carly as a personal trainer.
-Eric Gorman, NYC/CT ​
Here is the Proof!
Quick… what kind of physical training is required for a race-car driver? Carly Harris didn’t know either. Well, not on a Saturday morning in December. But, by the time I showed up for my first session on Tuesday morning, she had found out. On Saturday, I told Carly’s boss that I needed someone to kick my ass. To push me to my limits and beyond. Without hesitation, he told me that I wanted to work with Carly. On Tuesday, Carly said she had done a lot of research on driving race cars. She figured out that I needed endurance, core conditioning, balance, neck, and forearm strength. She was right. And, she was the first trainer that took the initiative to find out on her own. Since then, I have lived the cliché ‘be careful what you wish for’!. Carly pushes me. Hard. It hurts. I love it! Every day is different. I don’t think we’ve done the same abdominal exercises once… she knows 1001 ways to make my abs scream. She combines regular exercises with balance to use our time more effectively. She keeps me moving from one routine to the next to keep my heart rate up and my endurance strong. We’ve worked in doors, with free weights, machines, ropes and pulleys, balls, plyometrics, etc. We’ve run obstacle courses outdoors. She has had me on bikes, treadmills, and stair climbers. If you are serious about getting in shape and want to have fun while you are doing it, you owe it to yourself to work with Carly. You’ll regret it. But only until you look in the mirror!
-Michael Auriemma, New York, NY
What can I say about this young, energetic and upbeat trainer named Carly Harris? She is bright, she is empathetic, and she makes me believe that I can do anything! No berating, no yelling, just continuous encouragement and positive reinforcement are the techniques that keep me going back to Carly for training. Unlike other fitness trainers whom I have met over the years, Carly has the ability to get me to reach inside myself to find that hidden motivation that has been lying dormant, just waiting to emerge. She nurtures, she cajoles, she coaches, and she rewards good behavior. In a good natured way, she punishes laziness with more repetitions!But the highest recommendation that I can give for this charming and engaging trainer, is that she has brought out the best in me and continues to encourage me to improve the strong and positive person that I have become.-Ellen Matson, New York, NY
​When I first joined Printing House gym, I decided to use a trainer. I was asked if I wanted male or female and my response was give me whoever is available. I was surprised when this woman who looks like she is barely old enough to legally have a drink walked up and introduced herself. I admit I internally ‘rolled-my-eyes’ and thought Oh Lord, what is THIS woman going to teach me that I don’t already know? I’ve done triathlons and 9 marathons and am very familiar with training programs and weight training exercises. I can’t begin to describe my utter shock at how Carly blasted that thought out of my head in our first session; she showed me exercises that I’ve never seen before and introduced me to a whole new way to work out. She completely kicks my ass every session and I Love It! She motivates while at the same time being particularly sensitive to individual requirements or limitations. It has become redundant my stating after each workout That was one of the hardest / best workouts I’ve ever had as each time she pushes me to my limit but doesn’t force me to try and go beyond it.I’ve recommended Carly to friends and they also have been thrilled with her services. Her knowledge about physiology is excellent and I simply can’t provide enough superlatives about how good she is as a personal trainer. Carly would make a terrific addition to your show
.-Jim Barton, New York, NY
Carly Harris is a force of nature. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and passion make her a phenomenal personal trainer. Actually, I don’t have much to compare her to. I had never worked with a trainer before I met her, and I had hardly been to the gym. The fact that somehow she convinced me to exercise regularly and actually made me feel good about it is a testament to how infectious her energy can be. I’m sure everyone needs something different from a personal trainer (or fitness expert), and I suppose a large part of the job is understanding how to deal with all kinds of clients. Carly is the kind of person that other people want to be around because she’s so happy and relaxed.
-Leo Sidran, New York, NY
I trained with Carly at a point when I was two years out of shape. She assessed my body and my goals, and worked closely with me to get me back on track–and further–in a way that was comfortable for me. It was no picnic in the park, though! Sure, Carly is sensitive and caring, but when it comes to getting the work done, she makes you move. She’s tough, and she makes her clients tough by the time she’s through with them. Hard love, as Jillian says, is the name of Carly’s game, too. I couldn’t have asked for a better balance. 
-Julia Bainbridge
I gained 35lbs when I transferred to NYC for a highly stressful job (from 115 to 150) in just 3 years. I’ve tried other trainers and diets but nothing worked. A friend referred me to Carly, she sounded like someone special. She turned out to be just that, she’s the best trainer I can ever imagine to get over all my fears about the gym and working out. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable. She’s both a professor of the human body and a wellness cheerleader. She’s makes the routines new, tough but fun every time I train with her. In just a couple months, I lost 10lbs, and learned a life long skill that I can use to continue my quest for a balanced and healthy life! Thanks Carly!​
-Liya Zheng
​2008 was a special year; I was getting married in June and had put off any real exercise until May. I had been watching my diet but exercising…no…I figured I could tone up in the matter of weeks, not knowing anything about training. I had contacted Printing House Fitness to sign up for Personal Training; I was paired with Carly which turned out to be fantastic! She was so positive and encouraging yet ho nest about the fact that we had a tough month ahead of us. There were days when I’d struggle but she kept me motivated and on-target. By June 7, I was in the best shape of my life and was so pleased with the outcome; I couldn’t believe we did it. Carly was amazing
-Emily Howell-Schiff