skype yourself               SKINNY

Carly started Skype Yourself SKINNY in 2013, when she moved from New York City to San Diego.  She built incredible client/trainer relationships and wanted to continue training and motivating her clients even if she was across the country.  Utilizing video application, such as Skype and FaceTime, Carly discovered she could maintain those wonderful bonds and give her clients a great workout using visual and verbal cues.  These workouts require no fitness equipment.  Carly's workouts are high intensity - burning fat and increasing lean muscle mass.  Applying her years of knowledge, she has created fitness programs incorporating components of strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility training using only your body weight.

Life gets busy... It's easy to make excuses not to workout.  Skype Yourself SKINNY allows you to get your workout in, even when traveling to another country.  It saves you time from traveling to the gym and back.  Skype Yourself Skinny also saves you money.  If you have been making excuses like these or you are just ready to get an incredible workout with no gym required, contact Carly immediately!